pambansang museo ng pelikula c/o MOWELFUND :)


September 27, 2013 we go to Pambansang Museo ng Pelikula c/o MOWELFUND. From Betty go Del monte LRT Station, you may take a trycicle 25 pesos only special trip.

As a masscomm student we are really needed to be exposed to these kinds of places for us to have a chance to learn and discover things concerning films.

Most of the information that we learned in our Cinema class about Philippine Cinema history is there. I enjoy the tour because I learned a lot in this place about the history of a Pilipino film in Philippines.

The Pambansang Museo ng Pelikula (PMP) is the Philippines first-ever national film museum encompassing 100 years of cinema. It exhibits a wide array of film and film-related artifacts. 
Educational and entertaining, the Museum is set up for the enrichment and cultural appreciation of students and the general public of the country’s moving image heritage.

A visit to the film museum is worth a thousand lectures and a hundred books. You will discover the 100-Year history of Cinema in the Philippines from its beginnings to World War II, from the golden years to the present. Know the stars of yesteryears. See precious film classics on display. Be fascinated with replicas of movie super heroes, learn Basic filmmaking techniques, and enjoy the Movie Park.

I saw different kinds of props and even costumes worn by famous people such as Maricel Soriano, Cesar Montano and many more. I also gazed to numerous trophies and awards of the media practitioners before until now.

A lot of interesting and informative bits and pieces that would lead us to know more about FPJ’s reel life, very promising and it has something in this room that I will never forget.

I realized that Filipino’s are really creative when it comes to film making. And noticing different changes of each period made me to conclude that from that time until today, films really had gone a long way.


Lino Broca’s 1st novel film

tinimbang (1)


Tinimbang ka ngunit kulang is a film made by the one and only Lino Broca, is one of the best directors in Philippines and receive much recognition in different countries.

The film begins with a flashback of Kuala’s Memory (Hilda Koronel) when she was aborting her own baby. The scene displays her pain and what she feels through the process of abortion. On the scene Caesar  (Eddie Garcia) was on the same hut where Kuala’s is. After that scene, she was walking in the grassy plain and acting unusual. She became crazy and known to be “baliw” in the town where she lives.


Bertong Ketong is a man reside alone, town folks keeps on avoiding him cause they believe that they may get same disease if they approach Berto. The story develops on how Kuala handle her mental illness and her relationship with Berto.

The story was inspired by the true nature of hypocrisy in the society during those days. Up until now people think that unusual people like Kuala is a bad luck for their place. Even Berto who has skin disease had an imagery of a pest.

The film evidently depicts how the usual things happen within a community. How people communicate with those people who is different with the normal ones. Also the setting was executed well. In terms of how it portray the Filipino culture during Fiesta, nightlife, organization, neighborhood and other stuff.




This movie is almost any interpretation can be drawn from the images shown. Perhaps every single scene is random and unconcerned with any other, although the director certainly seems to have included items which are present throughout the film. In some ways the repeated glimpses of these things in situations where they shouldn’t be adds to the confused feel, enhanced by the disgusting and nonsensical time-markers deployed.

A movie like this is a tonic and surrealism type. It assaults old and unconscious habits of movie going. It is disturbing, frustrating, maddening. It seems without purpose.


The eternal life themes of life, death, lust and love are thrown up at various points, this is of no  consequences though the directors has already hurried onto the next sequence, violently cutting so that the desired woman becomes naked in a flash. A picture of what is ardent suitor really sees. This movie does not require such deep analysis though, being much more a film which should be purely experienced. It achieves that which the directors aimed for.



French new waves films had a casual and natural look due to the location filming. The available light was preffered to studio style lightning and available sound was preffered to expensive studio dubbing. French new wave films had a free editing style and did not confront to the editing rules of Hollywood films. The editing often drew attention to itself by being discontinuous, reminding the audience that they are watching films.

French new wave cinema was a personal cinema. The films were writers who should skilful at examining relationships and telling humane stories.


The nouvelle vague film-makeImagers, being critics, their films incorporated elements of American genres. They also frequently contained reference to particular Hollywood stars or films by American auteurs. It is already starting to become assimilated into a mainstream cinema. The directors meanwhile diverged in style and developed their own distinct cinematic voices.



I think Film noir is a Hollywood crime drama, particularly those that emphasize cynical attitudes and sexual motivations and associated with a low key black and white visual style that has a root in German Expressionist cinematography. I think that film noir is a genre, style and movement.

Film noir has given this name because of how the acts locations, people on the screen are seen, it is usually dark and black. And film noir has a common themes corruption, deceit, mystery. And as I read about “film noir” is portrayal of the “femme fatal” therefore, it would seem to support the existing social order and particularly its rigidly defined gender roles.


Film noir would seem to have a large following, from melodramas to westerns, detective movies and even musical. The uncommon use of light, shadow and cinematography would have a very artistic appeal.




In our Cinema subject we’ve watched a Film entitled “Romeo and Juliet” this movie is really good. I say that the movie has excellent and convincing actors in it. I think this movie and of course the actors/actresses portrayed their characters really were able to act them out convincingly as if they were really the characters in the play.


Especially when Juliet is begging to the enrage capulet about her arranged marriage, the actors and actresses performance shows the audience that the character is truly miserable not just by the language used, but also by her actions and emotions.

i iked this movie because every actors/actresses and their character in this film are so powerful and consistent.





This film is the hilarious but quite serious development of a friendship as they proceed, seemingly, inevitability towards self-destruction. Mark alone has the insight and opportunity to escape his fate, but then again does he really want to choose life. When we first met him, instead of life chosen a sincere and truthful junk habit and a bunch of friends who inhabit a world all of their own, this movie is a mix of Surrealism and Realism that allowing us to gasps the ecstasy of the high along with all the junkie most endure to get it there’s a lot of humour in this movie.


Even though some of the scenes might be hard to watch, you several good laughts both from dialogue and pictures. The Surreal moments where is it trying to capture the addicts state of mind, many hold some appeal and serve as convincing pro-heroin propaganda for the most impressionable viewer but as a whole, the movie doesn’t smooth overall of the rough edges. Because he is going on and off in drugs,We witness the relationship with family and friends and what do they affect it.


you can watch the trailer here —->