This film is the hilarious but quite serious development of a friendship as they proceed, seemingly, inevitability towards self-destruction. Mark alone has the insight and opportunity to escape his fate, but then again does he really want to choose life. When we first met him, instead of life chosen a sincere and truthful junk habit and a bunch of friends who inhabit a world all of their own, this movie is a mix of Surrealism and Realism that allowing us to gasps the ecstasy of the high along with all the junkie most endure to get it there’s a lot of humour in this movie.


Even though some of the scenes might be hard to watch, you several good laughts both from dialogue and pictures. The Surreal moments where is it trying to capture the addicts state of mind, many hold some appeal and serve as convincing pro-heroin propaganda for the most impressionable viewer but as a whole, the movie doesn’t smooth overall of the rough edges. Because he is going on and off in drugs,We witness the relationship with family and friends and what do they affect it.


you can watch the trailer here —->


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