Lino Broca’s 1st novel film

tinimbang (1)


Tinimbang ka ngunit kulang is a film made by the one and only Lino Broca, is one of the best directors in Philippines and receive much recognition in different countries.

The film begins with a flashback of Kuala’s Memory (Hilda Koronel) when she was aborting her own baby. The scene displays her pain and what she feels through the process of abortion. On the scene Caesar  (Eddie Garcia) was on the same hut where Kuala’s is. After that scene, she was walking in the grassy plain and acting unusual. She became crazy and known to be “baliw” in the town where she lives.


Bertong Ketong is a man reside alone, town folks keeps on avoiding him cause they believe that they may get same disease if they approach Berto. The story develops on how Kuala handle her mental illness and her relationship with Berto.

The story was inspired by the true nature of hypocrisy in the society during those days. Up until now people think that unusual people like Kuala is a bad luck for their place. Even Berto who has skin disease had an imagery of a pest.

The film evidently depicts how the usual things happen within a community. How people communicate with those people who is different with the normal ones. Also the setting was executed well. In terms of how it portray the Filipino culture during Fiesta, nightlife, organization, neighborhood and other stuff.



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