pambansang museo ng pelikula c/o MOWELFUND :)


September 27, 2013 we go to Pambansang Museo ng Pelikula c/o MOWELFUND. From Betty go Del monte LRT Station, you may take a trycicle 25 pesos only special trip.

As a masscomm student we are really needed to be exposed to these kinds of places for us to have a chance to learn and discover things concerning films.

Most of the information that we learned in our Cinema class about Philippine Cinema history is there. I enjoy the tour because I learned a lot in this place about the history of a Pilipino film in Philippines.

The Pambansang Museo ng Pelikula (PMP) is the Philippines first-ever national film museum encompassing 100 years of cinema. It exhibits a wide array of film and film-related artifacts. 
Educational and entertaining, the Museum is set up for the enrichment and cultural appreciation of students and the general public of the country’s moving image heritage.

A visit to the film museum is worth a thousand lectures and a hundred books. You will discover the 100-Year history of Cinema in the Philippines from its beginnings to World War II, from the golden years to the present. Know the stars of yesteryears. See precious film classics on display. Be fascinated with replicas of movie super heroes, learn Basic filmmaking techniques, and enjoy the Movie Park.

I saw different kinds of props and even costumes worn by famous people such as Maricel Soriano, Cesar Montano and many more. I also gazed to numerous trophies and awards of the media practitioners before until now.

A lot of interesting and informative bits and pieces that would lead us to know more about FPJ’s reel life, very promising and it has something in this room that I will never forget.

I realized that Filipino’s are really creative when it comes to film making. And noticing different changes of each period made me to conclude that from that time until today, films really had gone a long way.


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