ImageImpressionism and Surrealism is when the end of First World War 1 and the French film industry was in ruins, completely lost its former leader. In France found critics and directors they are firmly intending to restore the reputation of national cinema.

Few had considered too traditional, even the views of the delluc. Sometimes they simply consist of unrelated expressive frames, they were a series of abstract shapes, drawn or etched directly on film. Surrealist sough to blow up the everyday reality without help of the strange,disturbing images of consciousness. By contrast has used elements of surrealism to entertain the audiences in every scene.


Also the French impressionism Cinema is also known as the first Avant –Garde, they have a trauma because of the world war therefore they reduced the country to a struggling minor part in film history. It is influenced such as psychological nature, editing were more long-lived. While Surrealism is overly anti-narrative attacking causality itself that’s why many surrealist films tease us to find a narrative logic that is absent.

Impressionism and Surrealism are different.




This movie is all about a 1938 Dutch suspense film directed by Paul Vehhoeven, this movie it was like an artry version of basic instinct without the guilty pleasure, they had a lots of style and symbolism with the little black humor towards the end that one might find it silly, its wild, European version of what Brian De Palma could have done the days woke up brilliant, with a big dose hitch cock the style of sex and violence and gorgeous cinematography. It’s a steamy and graphic both sexually and economical relationship with her. But soon he noticed that something is wrong, she’s been married three times and all her husband’s has been killed in an accidents, we didn’t know if its coincidence or she is a murderer or a witch.


Well, I love every second film of this movie because it’s so original, intelligent and open-minded. Every graphic, almost humoristic, death scenes but what I like in the most is the films that the mysterious woman shoots with her camera, Films of her three husbands , up to their every death and in graphic detail.

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ImageWe’ve watched about “FILM SCHOOL GENERATION”  in our Cinema class. This movie is all about the American cinema series and recent Film makers who were also film buffs and went to film schools to learned their trades like Matin Scorcere, George Lucas, Steven Spielber, Brian De Palma and other directors. They are all interviewed in this movie.


Spielberg probably gets the attention because of the 8mm Films as a child and getting work at universal on tv projects and especially the breaking big with Jaws. While Lucas talks about the feeling that he only had  one shot in Hollywood and discusses how the studious just thinking  that no one would see MEAN STREET. And he discuss disastrous preview at warner.

Each talks about the foreign directors that influenced them and we hear how De Palma wanted to be the next Goddard but instead went towards Hitchcock. All of this artist are successful in their careers and had a blockbuster movie.

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The origin (Hollywood style)


On our Cinema class we’ve watched a movie which talks about the Classical Hollywood style and how do they accomplished their movie. I’m impressed of all the staff and working in the industry of Film because I notice how difficult they are doing because of their gadgets/tools is not that high-tech unlike today because their devices is manual specially in editing because I know how hard to edit a video/movie because I’ve also experience how difficult to edit a video specially if it’s too long you will never sleep until you finish it. I really idolize their talent when it comes in directing and editing specially in directing because they know what the good angles, shots and especially in the story of the movie, I want to be like them in the future. And for the movies we’ve watch I notice that the unifying force behind the classical Hollywood style is motivation and conventions. In the development of the narrative every event is motivated, follows a causal relationship. In the same way the use of cinematic style is generally motivated by the narrative.

The connection between narrative and cinematic style is highly conventional. And due to the dominance of the style viewers come to expect certain stylistic choices for certain narrative situations..

All of the above results have called “an excessively obvious cinema,” In that it follows a set of norms, paradigms, and standards that match and gratify viewer’s expectations. In other words by the end of a classical Hollywood film answers for all questions have been provided and one doesn’t leave the cinema perplexed and startled as one would after some New Hollywood films or European Art films. From an ideological perspective, these practices discourage viewer’s critical inquiry of any particular film as well as the underlying practices of mainstream cinema in general and their conclusions in fact provide strong evidence for at least a serious consideration of interpolation and the power of classical Hollywood cinema. I think maybe the single most important and most influential element of cinematic form that characterizes classical Hollywood cinema is continuity editing.


The most important goal of continuity editing is to make the cut invisible. The editing is subservient to the flow of the narrative and is usually constructed in a way that it does not draw attention onto itself. I observed classical Hollywood style, but upon trying to explain what it is, we usually come up short. When trying to find examples of this style, the movies that stay within this style do not stand out in our minds. It is the movies that break these conventions that are the most obvious examples to us. It seems strange that an idea, which was brought about nearly a century ago, to tell a story with moving pictures, could still hold such power and prominence today in modern film. This style was brought about to tell as believable a story as possible. Creating a realistic world and telling the story through an invisible lens to entertain an audience.

Classical Hollywood style is sometimes referred to as the invisible style. This can be misleading because it is not so much that the style is invisible, with good observation anyone can notice it, it is a style that lends to smooth story telling. This style draws the audience into the story making them feel like they are taking part in the story. A movie that has poor editing distracts the audience and pulls them outside the story.

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